Common home types in Austin, TX

Austin, TX is believed to be a country that has many types of homes. These homes can be grouped under various titles depending on their designs, size, or arrangements. Each of these home types has its plus and minuses (also depending upon its inhabitants). What types of homes are common in Austin, TX? Following are some of the most common types of homes in Austin, TX and their unique characteristics.


Apartments can be regarded as the most economical and easily available house in large metropolitans in Austin, TX. An apartment is a relatively small residential unit (apartment complex typically has ten or more apartments in it). Large metropolitan states in Austin, TX have thousands of apartments to accommodate an ever-increasing population. Condos and flats are two terms used to describe this type in different regions. There are some jointly owned properties like swimming pool, parking or elevators. These make it easier for people to enjoy the services that they have yearned for in their lifetime.

Apartments are considerably small in size, and the maintenance cost is relatively less than big homes, making them a good option for singles or couples without children, in contrast, big families find it hard to adjust themselves in a small space. Apartments are a good option for investors in Austin, TX as well; who can purchase off-plan apartments in big states of Austin, TX and sell or rent them after some time, earning good yields in the process.

Single-family House/cottage/Bungalow/Mansion/Villa

These are the traditional homes in Austin, TX, given different names according to the size of the dwelling. The biggest advantage of a traditional single-family house over apartment is that unlike the apartment, you own the land as well. You can build more rooms or even new storey; whenever you want (however you must abide by the local laws regarding the number of the storey allowed in a single family house).

You can also rent some portion while living in the other portion. While living in an apartment complex, you have to abide by the rules set by the owners association, for instance having no pets. Quite obviously, you don’t have to follow any such rule in a single family home. With liberty come to some obligations though, for example, you have to bear all types of maintenance costs. Still, this is the best option if you are looking to settle down in Austin, TX and you do not have enough money to buy a brand new house.

Mobile Homes/Park Homes

Unheard of, in some regions but mobile homes are commonly used as a residence in Austin, TX. The house is built in a factory and then carried to the location and installed. These are way cheaper than the conventional homes or even apartments; however, they are vulnerable when it comes to security or durability, which means they are not that suitable for longer lodging periods.
These mobile houses are commonly used in Austin, TX by people who want to want go on a vocation to a place where there are no rental houses.


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